We understand that graphic designers can be expensive when you pay by the hour, so we have come up with a way that you can get all your graphic design done in one set period of time. Our VIP Graphic Design Day or Half Day options allow you to choose the amount of time you want based on your budget and needs. You receive quality graphic designs for print or web projects as you need them. Only paying for the amount of time that you need has great benefits. It allows us to get all of your work done in one sitting. We help you to organize your projects and make the best use of the designers time. NOTE: Products can include graphic design for print or web, and can include updates, but does not include Website Design from start to finish, or any SEO projects specifically under this product. 


Do you want to send out postcards to your existing or new potential customers? We specialize in designs that are sure you get you noticed, in a good way. If you are interested in creating a US Post Office project around their “Every Door Direct Mail” program, we can help with that. Even including information on printing & bundling for the post office. Or if you have your own customer list to send to. We also have information about printing, and order fulfillment options, just ask. 


Don’t you love getting things in the mail? We help you to create a WOW moment just for your new members, or even a package that goes out to your whole group. These boxes are extraordinary and can be added to your onboarding sequence to create a WOW moment that is memorable and meaningful. Your members will be Tweeting and sending FB pics to everyone they know about you and your amazing gracious gifts.


We help you to create marketing pieces that are both meaningful and memorable. It’s more than just a swag bag, we have the experience in designing just the right thing to make sure that you get the right return on your investment. We know every customer matters, and we want you to have the best customer marketing piece ever. So, we don’t only do design, we can help with printing and packaging and order fulfillment, as well. 


Don’t forget that design is only part of the puzzle. Where and how do you get your items printed and your orders fulfilled? We have sourcing options for you as well. We work with some of the best printers around. We have options in the US, Canada, and soon in the UK.  We make sure all projects are not only designed to the printer’s specifications, but in most instances, we can even arrange order fulfillment. What does that mean? Well, it means we can help you with orders, warehousing, pick and packing for shipping, and mailing items directly to you on an as-needed basis. Or we can ship directly to your customer, saving you time, resources, and money. Just ask us how…