Creative Services & Graphic Design

Blue Water Designs Creative ServicesSure, anybody can print your logo on the side of a mug. But at Blue Water Designs we know your brand is much more than just a logo, and we believe a mug is much more than just a promotional product. A mug shakes hands with your customer and competes for the most valuable real estate in business…four square inches of your client’s desk. When your brand is combined with attractive graphics, a clear message and some thoughtful embellishments, it creates a unique and powerful impression…one that reflects your values and culture.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is the mission of Blue Water Designs Creative Services. From simply altering client provided artwork to creating full blown corporate identity packages, our experienced creative team adds value at every level. The in-house graphic design and photography studio is fully equipped with the high-end hardware and the most current software, allowing us to turn projects very quickly, produce accurate virtual proofs and create art specific to the decoration process being used.